Bird Related Websites

Andalucia Bird Society. The Andalucia Bird Society was formed in 2008 by a group of keen people including, amongst others Andy Paterson, Pieter Verheij, Robert Holden, John Cantelo and Peter Jones. Before that birding in Andalucia had been uncoordinated, the only provincial focal point being privately produced papers and a collection of records appearing in localised groups of national societes.
Wildside Holidays. Environmentally aware nature holidays and eco adventures in Spain. An innovative website promoting many nature tourism companies across Spain and Portugal

Real Birder. "Realbirder. For worldwide birding trip reports and bird photos plus help and guidance with research and independent travel arrangements for birdwatching holidays"

Coventrybirder. Photography and digiscoping images, plus trip reports. - A directory of birding links for the UK and Ireland.

Sociedad Espanola de Ornitologia.This is the Spanish Bird Society and although it is mainly in Spanish it could be a useful source of information as it has many links to other sites. CLICK HERE.

Birding Iceland. All the latest news and photographs of birds in Iceland, migrant updates, status of rare birds and more. To visit this site Click here.

Iberia Nature. A guide to the environment, geography, climate, wildlife, natural history and landscape of Spain. Includes A-Z Spanish-English nature dictionary, dozens of articles on everything from the history of malaria in Spain to the status of wolves, checklists of Spanish birds (English-Spanish-Catalan-Latin) mammals, reptiles, amphibians, etc.

Rare birds Spain.
For the latest news and photos of Spanish rarities and scarcities you should visit Ricard Gutierrez's website. Ricard is a member of the Spanish Rarities Committee. There is also a link on the home page that you can use to send Ricard information on any interesting sightings. CLICK HERE.
The full Spanish list (also in Latin and English) can be found on Ricards' website by clicking here.

Spain Costaluz.
This site, based in Puerto de Santa Maria, just outside the city of Cadiz, gives information on much of the south-western part of Spain. If you are visiting Cadiz, Jerez, Sevilla, Huelva, Donana etc. you will find lots of useful information.
To visit this website CLICK HERE

Wild Spain
This is an excellent website which is a must for all people visiting Spain. It is full of information on tourism, traditions, nature and history.
Most of the members of this site are specialists in many areas of Spanish life, be it birdwatching, walking, horse riding, scuba diving, etc. You can also ask questions on almost any subject and receive answers from the members, who between them, have a great wealth of local knowledge.
There is also a section where you can find Articles written by the members, two of which, "The hidden Donana" and "Raptor and Stork migration across the Strait of Gibraltar" were written by me.
To visit this site CLICK HERE

Birdwatch Spain.
This is another excellent website for resident and visiting birders in Spain, giving news and information on Spanish birding. To visit this site CLICK HERE

This is one of the most popular birding websites in the UK. It is run by John Girdley and covers most subjects on birding thoughout the world. Birdwatching in Spain is well covered and there are hundreds of trip reports which make very interesting reading. CLICK HERE In July 2003, I took John Girdley out for two days birding around the Donana area. To see his Trip Report on these two days CLICK HERE.

This site is dedicated to digiscoped photos of Spanish birds, most of which were shot here in the Donana region.
Dani Huertas who runs this site, is a keen birding photographer who lives in Seville.
The site, which is in Spanish and English, is easy to navigate and the images are mostly of good quality.
To view this site CLICK HERE. The Biggest Online Birding Community! The biggest and best on-line birding forum. Ask questions, get answers, post messages, gain information, exchange experiences and post photos. Just click on the Birdforum button. Worldwide travel links, pictures and information plus more, with a good section on birdwatching links

Travel Quest. we are listed with the travel-quest activity holiday directory which lists special interest, activity and adventure holidays world-wide.
A very informative site, full of news, views and trip reports. Operated by Danish brothers Christian and Ulrik Svane. Internet portal to bird travel and birding trip reports. Lots of links and birding related matters on this site. - Search Look, Find, Study, Research & Shop! Find it all here...A search engine with links to many bird related sites.

Frontier holidays. Based in El Burgo, Malaga. Callum Christie offers birdwatching, hiking, walking and special interest tours throughout the region.

Dean Birders. Dean Birders Helping people with disabilities enjoy birds in the Forest of Dean.


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