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BL Online - The bibliographical database of linguistics
Yamada Language Guides
Language Conference Schedules
Numbers in over 5000 Languages
Proto-World and the Language Instinct, by Mark Rosenfelder, investigates and finds that "evidence for the language instinct is weak"
A Brief Introduction to the History of Names
Linguistic Exploration - links to on-line language projects and dictionaries
Academy of Ancient Languages
Search the Card Catalog of the New York Public Library
WorldCat, a worldwide library catalog created and maintained collectively by more than 9,000 member institutions
article on Sumerian Language in the Wikipedia free encyclopedia
article that is especially informative about Sumerian grammar in the German version of Wikipedia, based on an article by Ernst Kausen, Die sumerische Sprache
The Yoshikawa Database of Materials for a Sumerian Lexicon - search for a word or word compound and get handwritten references to publications where the word occurs
searchable Lexicon of Linguistics
CogPrints: Cognitive Sciences EPrint Archive
The sci.lang Newsgroup FAQ
Google Groups - search the contents of the Usenet discussion forums
Ancient Scripts of the World, with Historical Linguistics Links
Ancient Languages and Scripts
Ancient Indus Valley Script
Religion Reflected in the Indus Valley Script, Article by Asko Parpola
Dr. Steve Farmer's evidence that the so-called Indus script was not part of a true writing system nor was the Harappan civilization literate
Old Europe 'Writing' Bibliographic Rererences
Proto-Semitic Language and Culture - excellent article by John Huehnergard
web site of the late L.O. Schuman - the 103 Kb salient.pdf essay explores The Semitic Languages and Hamito-Semitic, Salient Features of Renewed Etymology, being an abstract of an unpublished manuscript on Semitic etymology, historical linguistics, and general linguistics
The Early History of Indo-European Languages - by Thomas V. Gamkrelidze and V. V. Ivanov
Examining the Farming/Language Dispersal Hypothesis - edited by Peter Bellwood and Colin Renfrew
Phylogenetic network method puts origin of Proto-Indo-European language at 8100 BC ± 1,900 years
Early Date for the Birth of Indo-European Languages
The Indo-European Etymological Dictionary (IED)
The Ergativic Stage of Early Proto-Indoeuropean
The Tower of Babel - Moscow protolanguage project that was headed by the late Sergei Starostin
Babel's Dawn- A blog about the evolution of speech from primate vocalizations to meaningful exchanges
Evolution of Human Languages, An international project on the linguistic prehistory of humanity
About the Hungarian Language
The Chinese Language and its Development
The Chinese Language: Myths and Facts
Logographic Writing Systems
Historical Linguistics links by the Open Directory Project
Language Origins Society
Evolution of Language - Program of a comprehensive April, 2000 conference
Margaret Magnus's sound symbolism links
Archives of SOUNDSYMBOL List
one-page Hebrew dictionary - of Semitic phememes
The memetic origin of language: modern humans as musical primates
Whistled Speech
Deaf children create new sign language
American Scientist Online - The Gestural Origins of Language
Gesture Language in Naples - see 4th paragraph in particular
Dan Moonhawk Alford's Home Page
Essays on thinking and language by Yuri Tarnopolsky
Henry Drummond on The Evolution of Language, chapter 5 of The Lowell Lectures on the Ascent of Man, 1904
The real explanation of the FOXP2 "Language Gene", by Alec MacAndrew
Localizing recent adaptive evolution in the human genome
Genes and language, by Luigi Luca Cavalli Sforza, Stanford University - a 607 Kb pdf file, but it loads fast
Speaking in Tongues:Theories on the Origins of Language
Language evolved in a leap - article by Ferrer i Cancho, R. & Solé, R. V. "Least effort and the origins of scaling in human language."
Report on a new computer program that uses language structure, not vocabulary, to analyze the degree of relatedness between languages
Language Evolution and Computation Bibliography