Moon Related Websites

Related Websites

Learning about the Moon and Astronomy

Astronomy Magazine - Astro for Kids
Enchanted Learning - Moon
Farmers Almanac: Moon Phases, Moon Rise, Tides
Jack Horkheimer : Star Gazer
Kids Astronomy
Moon Atlas - There are several steps involved in loading this free software package to your computer but it is well worth it! The atlas changes daily according to the actual moon phase. You can even see the back side of the moon!
Moon Phase Calendar and Activities
NASA - The Moon Page
NASA 's Hands On Activities to Learn about the Moon
NASA Solar System Exploration - Earth's Moon
NASA's Space Place - games for children
NASA's StarChild - for Young Astronomers
Planetarium Net - cool sites - moon phases
Sky & Telescope Magazine (type in zip code for moonrise/set times), e-mail notifications - current moon phase & general information - why the moon "changes shape"
US Naval Observatory: Phases of the Moon

Native Americans and Names of Full Moons

Farmers Almanac - description of Native American Full Moon Names
NASA 's Goddard Space Flight Center: Ask an Astrophysicist

Links to Astronomy Groups & Organizations

American Lunar Society
Astronomical League
Astronomy Clubs
Challenger Learning Center Network
Family Astro Network
Go Astronomy

Planetarium lists to find one near you
Science Museums - Association of Science & Technology Centers
Space Observatories

Dealing with Bullies - Pediatrician's guide
Kids' Health - bullies
McGruff - classroom lesson 1st & 2nd grade
PBS Kids
Safe - bullies
US Dept. of Health & Human Services - info and links