Nanotechnology Related Websites

1. Cordis; new search system for european nanotechnology networks


3. Nanotechnology: a small science with a huge potential

4. Nanotechnology in ERA 2002

5. NANOTECHNOLOGY : Roadmap for Nanoelectronics. 2000

6. FUTMAN:the FUTure of MANufacturing 2015-2020
Report funded by DG Research l

7. The Need for Measurement & testing in Nanotechnology. 2002

8. Measurement & testing Needs in Candidate & New Member States. 2002 Compiled by High Level Expert Group on M&T

9. 'Nanotechnology in the European research area May 2002'

10. Joint EC/National Science Foundation Workshop on Nanotechnologies 2001

11. Survey of Nanotechnology networks - May 2002 version

12. The Need for Measurement and Testing in Nanotechnology

13. The need for Metrology in Nanotechnology 2001

14. Promoting co-operation in polymer research May 2002

15. The Importance of Interdisciplinary Approaches: The Case of Nanotechnology

16. Nanotechnology Advances in Europe. 2002

17. MEDEA+ project profile. Set of profiles which describe the purpose & activities of 9 new projects

18. Nanotechnology advances in Europe April 2002

19. European Nanoforum

20. The Interagency Working Group on Nanoscience, Engineering and Technology

21. Nanotechnology Revolutionary Opportunities & Societal Implications - 3rd Joint EC-NSF Workshop in Lecce (Italy) January 2002

22. Nanotechnology:From Vision to Industrial revolution? Challenges & opportunities for research & Innovation.14 June 2002, at MINATEC Centre, Grenoble, France

23. "Nanotechnology, the next industrial revolution? Nanotechnology in the EU and US. Oct. 2000

24. Vision for Nanotechnology Research & Development in the Next Decade.September 1999 WTEC, Loyola College in Maryland

25. Societal Implications of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology March 2001

26. "Nanotechnology in the United States" NSF fact sheet . 2000

27. Centre for Ultrastructure Research and Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Molecular Nanotechnology

28. Glasgow University - The nanotechnology group

29. Institute of Nanotechnology - provides substantial list of nano sites

30. NanoEurope

More Links

Nanotech IP Legal
The Nanotech Company's Corporate Development Team member, Steve Maebius, heads up Foley & Lardner's excellent IP team.
Published by the Institute of Physics in the UK, the news on this site is mostly original, generally including interviews with the authors of scientific studies. Definite scientific achievements slant.
Difficult to figure how they make any money, but this is an interesting and informative site anyway, especially with regard to its monthly calendar of nanotech events worldwide that never fails to uncover the smallest, exotic, most esoteric nano-conferences out there.
This site contains a fairly thorough listing of nanotech companies, categorized by industry. The site also allows you to add your company/site to the index.

Nano Letters
Home site of Nano Letters, a premiere scientific journal geared specifically for nanotechnology research. Published by the American Chemical Society (ACS), accessing full articles requires a subscription.

Small Times
A well-produced site with mostly original news stories on small (micro, MEMS, and nano) technologies. The site covers most nanotech developments, with a bias towards the business side, and categorizes the stories well. They also produce a glossy magazine and boast a small tech index. Owned by a prominent nano-vc firm.
This site is dedicated to providing clear explanations of nanotechnology applications in areas such as energy, medicine, and consumer goods.