Fish Base Related Websites

This is a very useful glossary of aquaculture terms, often with pictures, tables, and equations.The Artedian is an ichthyological collection management system based on MS-Access2000.
Bullet Artedian
The Artedian is an ichthyological collection management system based on MS-Access2000.
Bullet Biogeographic modelling
This site provides a desktop version of the GARP software for modelling of distributions from point data. A manual is also available.
Bullet Biological textbooks
A collection of several biological textbooks that are fully available online, including Darwin's 'Origin of Species.'
Bullet CAS photos
Overview of specimen photos available online at the California Academy of Sciences.
Bullet CephBase
A database with a list of all living cephalopods, including information on names, distribution, predators and prey.
Bullet Coral Reef Institute
Offers training in environmental management.
Bullet CRIA Species Link
This is a page with tools for biodiversity research, such as niche modelling, geo-referencing of localities, detection of outliers in point data, or conversion of different formats.
Bullet DeepFin
DeepFin is a research coordination network (RCN) of systematic ichthyologists and biologists with expertise in the analysis of fish biodiversity, seeking to integrate knowledge of morphology, paleontology, molecular biology, and bioinformatics.
Bullet Development of a Curriculum and Training Material on the Rearing of Fish Larvae
We will develop training material and a curriculum for use in training courses for fisheries and hatchery managers in developing countries, to enhance their capability to rear fingerlings for aquaculture, stock enhancement, and for the re-establishment of local fish populations.
Bullet Dictionary of Ichthyology
This is the most comprehensive dictionary of fish and fishery terms that we are aware of. With permission we have adopted some terms for the FishBase Glossary.
Bullet Digital Taxonomy
Digital Taxonomy is an attempt to present a wide-ranging resource of information for biodiversity data management in the World Wide Web. The page provides a number of links on software, methodologies, standards for data exchange, and information sources related to biodiversity data management, with emphasis on the exchange of *free* scientific software tools (preferably those including *source code*), computer techniques, and software developers' Internet addresses.
Bullet EcoServe
A site with a collection of useful links and tools related to fish, fisheries and aquatic biodiversity.
Bullet Elasmo World
A site with over 3000 references on elasmobranchs.
A site that offers, among others, identification help based on the National Audubon Society Field Guides, for fishes and other species groups.
Bullet Endangered Fish Alliance
The Endangered Fish Alliance is a group of concerned food professionals who support sustainable seafood choices by not serving four endangered fish: swordfish, Chilean sea bass, orange roughy and certain types of caviar. All members are also encouraged to use our website to learn about the state of the world's fisheries before choosing other types of seafood for their menus or their inventory.
Bullet Expert Center for Taxonomic Identification
Several scientific and educational computer aided information systems.
Bullet FAO Fisheries Department
FAO Fisheries Department gives an information on the world's fisheries and aquaculture.
Bullet FiSAT
This is a collection of highly useful programs for estimating population dynamics of fishes.
Bullet Fish Deals
A site with information about popular aquarium fishes as well as links to web sites that sell aquarium fish and equipment.
Bullet Fish Link Central
WebRing is a site with many useful links related to fish.
Bullet Fish Posters of the World
A collector's site showing over 500 posters of fishes with information where to obtain them.
Bullet Fishartist is a website dedicated to fisherman containing a collection of fish art,photography,oil paintings,and watercolours of fish from around the world.
The FishCode project strives to provide knowledge of the status and trends of capture fisheries, including socio-economic aspects.
Bullet Fishing Board
A site with discussion forums about saltwater fishing.
Bullet Florida Museum of Natural History (FLMNH) Underwater Fish and Shark Photo
Underwater Fish and Shark Photo Gallery, with some biological profiles.
Bullet Freshwater Fishes of Russia
Web site dedicated to the freshwater fishes of Russia.
Bullet Gadus Associates
A PDF file with a bibliography of over 1000 references of the impacts of fishing gear on seabed habitats and benthic communities.

Bullet IncoFish
Project proposes specifically targeted, strategic research towards the development, application, and integration of a series of databases, tools and concepts suitable to contribute to the goals set by the World Summit on Sustainable Development for a sustainable reconciliation of multiple demands on coastal zones. Project duration 2005-2008.” Portal
Bullet Ichthyology Web Resources
IWR compiles online resources of scientific and educational value into an organised directory. Online content has links to diverse pages covering topics relevant to ichthyology. Its "Taxon pages" directory is especially extensive, containing links to pages on many groups of fish. Ichthyology community has links to ichthyology societies, conferences, a directory of ichthyologists, etc. Places has links to academic institutions, government branches, museums, etc.
Bullet IMGT
The international ImMunoGeneTics database with information and sequences on immunoglobulins and T-cell receptors from fish to human.
Bullet JBL Online Laboratory
Based on analysis of water parameters this web site provides guidance on common problems encountered in home aquariums, such as unwanted algae or mortalities.
Bullet Kosher fish
This site gives list of kosher and non-kosher fishes.
Bullet LarvalBase Website
LarvalBase will be a comprehensive information system on fish larvae that are relevant in the field of finfish aquaculture, combining traditional sources such as primary and “grey” literature. In addition, unofficial data from various sources as Internet and from practicing aquaculturists, even in developing countries, will be regarded.
Bullet Lizas Reef
An art and science based resource portal website dedicated to the protection and conservation of coral reefs, other oceanic environments & rain forests.
Bullet Man and the Biosphere Species Databases
Vertebrate Animals Reported from Biosphere Reserves and other of the World's Protected Areas. (data are being served by the Information Center for the Environment at U.C. Davis.)
Bullet Marine Aquarium Council (MAC)
An international, multi-stakeholder network establishing standards and certification for quality and sustainability in marine ornamentals collection and trade.
Bullet Marine Fish Conservation Network
A US coalition of over 175 environmental and other organizations dedicated to educate policymakers, the fishing industry, and the public about the need for sound conservation and better management practices.
Bullet Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)
The Marine Stewardship Council promotes products from well-managed and sustainable fisheries.
Bullet Museums and Collections Website for Philippine Fish Specimens
Searchable database of fish specimens collected in the Philippines kept in museums worldwide. Search the collections of 8 Philippine museums and universities and 26 other museums worldwide (54,921 records, 3,350 species). This database is a subset of the museums and collections data in FishBase.
NEODAT provides an interface to 24 collection databases and allows to search for occurrence records of neotropical fish.
Bullet New England Seacoast Institute
The New England Seacoast Institute is dedicated to bringing the ocean to the classroom.
Access to over 100 marine environmental data sets.
Bullet Ocean Portal
A site maintained by IOC, UNESCO with many useful links around Oceanography.
Bullet Pacific Shark Research Center
This website contains a very useful Life History Table for sharks and rays of the Pacific coast of North America; it also presents links to other shark web sites.
Bullet Peces criollos
Peces criollos is a web site that keeps track of the freshwater fishes of Argentina.
Bullet Recruitment data
Ransom Myers' home page with maps and graphs about recruitment of over 600 fish stocks.
Bullet Sea Life Portal
A web-portal that provides user-friendly, standardized access to a wide range of distributed marine species databases containing relevant ecological information.
Bullet Simulating Aquaculture Production (SAP).
This site provides free spreadsheet applications for simulating aquaculture production (SAP). The documentation is also available on-line.
Bullet Species 2000
An initiative to produce an authoritative reference file of scientific names of all organisms.
THE BLUE is a special edition coffee table book of 200 pages. It features the work of some of the world's greatest ocean authors and underwater photographers to celebrate the year of the ocean.
Bullet The Breeders Registry
Provides breeding information for marine (ornamental) fishes.
Bullet The eSeFDee Marine Sciences Portal
The eSeFDee Marine Sciences Portal has links to: Approx. 1000 international organisations, management bodies, research institutes, information and data centres, etc.; Taxonomical and biogeographical websites, and searchable species databases of particular relevance to the North Atlantic and/or the Mediterranean. Key documents on (marine) biota, the (marine) environment, living marine resources and related issues. On-line marine scientific journals. Major oceanography and marine science portals.
Bullet The Pleurogene Project Group
The Pleurogene Project is a Genome Canada-Genome EspaƱa collaborative project that focuses on the genomics of two flatfish, Senegal sole (Solea senegalensis) and Atlantic halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus). There are a series of production-related problems that would be more easily solved with improved knowledge of several basic biological processes: reproduction, development, nutrition, genetics and immunity
Bullet Tim's Tropical Fish
Information about freshwater and saltwater tropical fish, fish care, fish facts, discussion forum, compatibility and aquarium maintenance.
Bullet Tree of Life
The Tree of Life Web Project (ToL) is a collaborative effort of biologists from around the world. On more than 4000 World Wide Web pages, the project provides information about the diversity of organisms on Earth, their evolutionary history (phylogeny), and characteristics.
Bullet Underwater photography
A site with a complete course on underwater photography, in English and French.
Bullet United Fisheries Ltd.
A New Zealand fish company that links to FishBase.
Bullet USGS Acute Toxicity Database
Data on various toxic contaminants found in fish. Select a chemical, select the 'OR' option at the bottom, select a fish from the list, click on 'Run Query'.
Bullet Wade Doak's New Zealand marine worlds
Wade Doak's OCEAN GATEWAY portrays fishes, marine invertebrates at the Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand; MIRROR OF THE SEA portrays the adjacent coast, mangroves and rainforest; PROJECT INTERLOCK investigates cetacean capacities world-wide.
Bullet World Records Freshwater Fishing
This site presents angling and fishing records in length, weight and age for over 400 freshwater fishes.
Bullet holds copies of previous versions of FishBase, however, only static pages such as the search page and the home page are available. Species pages are generated on demand from the underlying database; monthly copies of the database are archived on CD-ROM but are not publicly available.